Thursday, September 18, 2008

'Mr & Mrs Iyer' - Love Amid Terrorism: An Impression

I had wanted to watch Mr. and Mrs. Iyer since last year when Kunwar Jee (a renowned theatre personality in Varanasi and a visiting professor at NSD, Delhi) mentioned about the acting of konkana sen in the movie. Finally, today I happened to see the movie on my laptop. I hope this movie must have made some people to think, at least once of how much insensitive we have made ourselves in the name of religion. Aparna sen has once again proved how the genre of movie can be successfully employed to raise an issue of relevance and to do a better job than being a "torture to our sensibilities" as Paresh Rawal describes some of the films of today.

'Mr & Mrs Iyer' - Love Amid Terrorism: Film Review by Rukminee Guha Thakurta: "Rahul Bose renders a wonderful performance as Raja, the sensitive man beneath a nonchalant exterior and Konkona is stupendous as the warm, intelligent child-woman whose individuality is overridden by the social norms that surround her existence and to which she is unquestioningly accustomed. These two characters are representatives of the youth of modern India, both being educated and from urban backgrounds but differing in their understanding of how religion and human beings are connected."

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